Moto Deli

Review #3

Moto Deli retired it’s food truck and nestled into a nook at 810 N. Coast Hwy- Leucadia, serving up-scale sandwiches using high quality, local ingredients.   I didn’t know what to expect from the name”Moto”.  Was this someone’s name?  Is it a cell phone reference, Hello Motto? But after walking into this cute, beachy deli, I saw motorcycle references everywhere.  It has a nice indoor/outdoor feel with a large patio and breeze flowing through.  The Counting Crows was coming through the speakers and I immediately got the vibe to this place.  It was cool!

My husband met me there with the kids, and had ordered us a hamachi sandwich to share.  I know he got excited reading the word “hamachi” on the menu, with the vision of a beautiful piece of lightly seared sushi-style fish in between their homemade squaw bread.  But this wasn’t the case.  It was a hamachi SALAD sandwich. Much more like a tuna fish sandwich that is not something he would normally order.  It had too much mayo, and the yellowtail flavor wasn’t received.  But you can’t blame Moto for my hubby’s inability to read a menu.  He didn’t bring his glasses, and many of us can relate.  The homemade bread and chips were very good, and the sandwich was big enough to share.

Our youngest ordered an Italian sandwich with meat, cheese, bread but NOTHING ELSE ON IT.  He liked it so much, I had to wrestle him to the ground, have my husband hogtie and sit on him long enough to grab this photo.

My eldest ordered their most popular: The Turketta which had smoked turkey breast, aged cheddar, crispy bacon and arugula.  There was a hint of sweet chutney on the homemade bread, and all in all it was turkey-ific!  (Though he and I both agree that the sweet jam would be better left off.)  I was excited to try their quinoa salad, but they were already out by the time we got there, at 11:15 am. How many people are coming in to eat quinoa salad for breakfast?  Who are these early quinoa eating people?  So I settled on a side of potato salad because it looked colorful and not mayonaissey.  It had a bright, vinegar flavor and was well seasoned with fresh dill.

Can we please stop and take a minute to appreciate that I have learned not only how to insert pictures, but, as opposed to the previous weeks, now have them in the right place?  Huh?  Not bad for a novice blogger!

Bottom line:  Moto Deli is a place I would definitely come back to.  Their breakfast menu, though small, looked really good.   In the words of my 15 year old son, “This is a dope choice to bring a lunch date too”.  Word out.

Author: foodkibbitzer

I love to cook, especially soup, and bake challah. I ride horses, enjoy sarcastic people and am a food snob. I'm busy being mom to my two boys and I play mahj jong.

3 thoughts on “Moto Deli”

  1. Definitely Steve’s fault! Enjoying your culinary journey from across the country almost ast good as being there. Keep up the hard work!😜


  2. So I went to Moto Deli two days ago, a Monday for lunch mostly due to yelp reviews, it looks cute from the street and I recollected that you had reviewed it. It took 30 minutes to get our food at 12ish although the sign read “13 min lead time.” The caused some stress since we were racing to a swim lesson by 12:30, my fault I should have allowed for more time.
    My youngest had the kids turkey sandwich. It was fresh and healthy, but had little or no mayo and the bread was too thick and sweet. I had the turketta, it was good, but I again the same bread. I agree the chutney was unnecessary. The potato chips were good, but not as salty as store bought which have probably deadened my tastebuds. Its a cute place, but not a repeat for me right now.

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