The 101 Diner

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Hubby and I decided to walk the mile and a half for breakfast at the 101 Diner.  We wanted to get there early on Sunday since we knew it would get crowded.  Our boys both gave us the bird when we gently woke them up and asked if they wanted to join us. Very well, just the two of us then!  We were happily greeted there by four other early morning blog followers.

The 101 Diner is a place I have walked or driven past many times, but have never gone in.  There is always a line out the door for breakfast, so my expectations were high.  Even at 8:30 am we had to wait a bit, but our waitress was very nice and it wasn’t long.

The indoor motif was that of a typical 50’s diner.  Booth and bar stool seating are available, with a very small back patio and some tables out front as well.

101 diner motif

The specials on the board read, “blah, blah, blah , Cardiff Crack Eggs Benedict, blah, blah, blah”.  Let’s back up for a minute.  If you don’t know what Cardiff Crack is, then you are a capitol “L” LOSER!  Seriously, stop reading this right now.  Go to Seaside Market in Cardiff, and get yourself hooked up.   But don’t sound like a total crack virgin asking for the “burgundy Tri-Tip”.  Just walk up to the counter and say, “Dude, slap me a couple pounds of crack.” Now, back to breakfast.

The Cardiff Crack Eggs Benedict comes with your standard hollandaise sauce, always delicious, but you can switch that out for the cilantro- jalapeno hollandaise sauce which you must do!  Even Joyce who hates cilantro was completely surprised at how good this was.

Our group plan of attack was to order two savory dishes, and two sweet, and the six of us would share everything.  (Well, one of us actually ordered his own Cardiff Crack Eggs Benedict, hording the plate, sharp knife pointed aggressively outward, sharing with no one.) The portions worked out perfect for the five of us to share four meals.

101 diner bendictCardiff Crack Eggs Benedict with cilantro-jalapeno hollandaise sauce

These hash browns must not be glossed over.  I am glad they didn’t ask me which way I wanted my potatoes, because hash browns would have been my last choice, and that would have been tragic! I am sure these hash browns are made with equal parts potatoes and butter, yet they are somehow not greasy.  Finally a place that knows how to crisp us their hash browns properly!

Kelly asked our waitress if he could switch out the ham in the Denver omelet for crack.  Good call my man, good call!

101 diner omletDenver omelet with Cardiff Crack, hold the ham

The Tropical Fruit Crepes came recommended from a friend, so we ordered them.  It was a fruity work of art!

101 diner crepesTropical Fruit Crepes

Someone else told me we had to order an Apple Pancake.  When a menu item is etched in glass, you must order it!

101Diner pancake sign

101 Diner apple pancakeApple Pancake

It was delicious with caramelized apples on top, and an eggy-custardy-cakey center.  Although yummy, it is not the best apple pancake I have ever had.  I think the apple pancake at The Original Pancake house is world rocking.  It brings me back many (many) years ago when I was training for marathons.  My reward after a 21 mile run was an apple pancake.  Apparently now, it is my reward after a 1.5 mile walk.

Bottom Line:

Go to The 101 Diner!  Although everything tasted great, we agreed that the savory dishes were a bit better than the sweet ones.  The hash browns are the best I have ever had.  The prices are surprisingly reasonable.  Yes, Cap’n Keno’s may have been cheaper, but I think the 101 Diner wins best value for what you get.  I recommend swapping anything meat-related for the Cardiff Crack.  Actually, just swap out anything for the Cardiff Crack.  “Hold the whip on my milkshake, but add the Crack please”…maybe.

There won’t be a blog next week, but in two weeks we go to:

Q’ero Restaurant

(760) 753-9050
Check back for date and time!


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  1. OMG I LOL (more like I fell off my chair in a fit of giggles) when I read your suggestion about crack on the milkshake. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m a sucker for good hash browns, too.

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