Better Buzz Coffee Roasters

Better Buzz sign

Review #27

Marketing meeting in the summer of 2002….

Manager:  Team, we are ready to leave the coffee carts behind and open up our first store!  But we need a catchy name.  Something people will remember.

Subordinate 1: Got coffee?

Manager: No, too tired

Subordinate 2: Perky Perculators!

Manager: You’re fired

Subordinate 3: How about, Get Buzzed or Better Buzz?

Manager: Buzz. Buzzed.  Great words.  Hey, I like that!  It’s catchy, it’s clever.  But where will we use that?

Subordinate 3: We will use it everywhere!

Manager: Will we use it as decor inside our stores?

Subordinate 3: Yes we will!

Better Buzz decor

Manager.  Where else can we use this logo?  Just in the decor?

Subordinate 3: Well, I’ve seen other places use their name on shirts, we could totally do that!

Manager: Just shirts, or tank tops too?

Subordinate 3: We are in San Diego, so tank tops too!

Better buzz shirts

Manager: Since we roast our own organic coffee, we should sell it and put this logo on our coffee bags!

Subordinate 3: In really big letters!

Better Buzz coffee


Manager:  Hey maybe we can put it on some mugs and people can drink our coffee from home with this slogan.

Subordinate 3:  Yes, definitely on mugs!

Better Buzz mugs

Manager: What if someone wants a bigger mug…and OH!  What if someone is wearing SHOES while drinking our coffee?

Subordinate 3: Well then we shall have it on even bigger mugs and on socks! Yes, we need it on socks!

Better buzz cups and socks

Manager: But if they have socks on, they must be leaving the house.  They can’t take their coffee to go in these large mugs.

Subordinate 3: But they can take it go in our insulated mugs with our logo!

Better Buzz insulated

Manager: Here’s a tough one.  If someone wants iced coffee….what can they drink it out of?

Subordinate 3: We will put the logo all over reusable cups with a straw!

Better Buzz cups

Manager: If they are drinking iced coffee, it’s probably quite warm out.  I wouldn’t want any of our customers to get sunburned.  And how will they keep their drinks cold?

Subordinate 3:  Hats!  They will have hats! And insulators!

Better Buzz hats


Manager: Now where does one store our coffee if they don’t want it in the resealable bag it comes in?  I’m stumped.

Subdominant 3:  I know!  Let’s also put the slogan on some jars!

Better buzz jars

Better Buzzed has multiple locations throughout San Diego, and the location on the 101 is delightful.  The large bar facing the sidewalk is usually packed with millennials staring at their laptops, coffee drink placed next to their smart phones.  But on this early morning, they were still in bed.

The decor is filled with Better Buzz paraphernalia.  The space has a large open concept with communal seating, that makes for a very sociable and friendly environment, unless you are sitting at the bar facing out.

Better Buzz plantIntentional crack in the wall or making lemonade out of lemons?

The large open window at the bar gives the place an indoor-outdoor feel.  It also means that a few pigeons like to hang out inside. And not just regular pigeons. These are very buzzed pigeons.  Pigeons who walk around at a speed of mach 5. One second they are at one end of the place, and then wham, they have just River-danced their way to the other side, feet moving like crazy, upper body barely moving at all.  It’s freaky. But the manager is quick on her feet to escort them right back outside.  This happens many times a day.  She said she was the manager, but I think she meant she was the pigeon manager, it’s a dedicated position that pays surprisingly well.

The menu on the wall isn’t big, but it has really great things on it.  They just need to raise it up a few feet higher so the people sitting at the table where it hangs don’t have to keep moving and ducking out of the way. First I asked them to move so I could read it.  Then I asked them to move so Hubby could read it.  Then I asked them to move so I could take this photo.  Then they flipped me off.

Better Buzz food

The staff at Better Buzz were beyond happy and helpful, obviously severely buzzed. I was told by my girl Gabi on Facebook to order the Avocado Toast, so asked the server which one they recommend.  “Get the 3 Seed Avo, add bacon and poached eggs medium” she quickly told me in one breath.  Not asked.  Hubby ordered something similar.  The server also told me to get the  Best Drink Ever. I said ok, what is it?  She said, “The Best Drink Ever”.  After a few rounds of “Who’s on First” she just rolled her eyes and pointed at the wall.  “It’s called the Best Drink Ever because we make our own vanilla powder and it’s really really really good. You will love it, just get it.”  Slow it down sister, I am a mug or two behind you!

Better Buzz coffees

Our mouths watered at the display case but decided to skip trying the goodies today.

Better buzz pastries

Luckily, when we got to our seats, we found that Christine couldn’t say no!

Better buzzed pastries

The bear-claw and almond croissant were both very flaky and delicious.

My Best Drink Ever arrived, but after one sip, it was clearly not my best drink ever!  It was soooo super sweet!  Especially after nibbling on the treats.  Way too sweet for me!  I brought it back to the counter and they quickly produced another one for me with a fraction of the sickly sweet vanilla.  Man, these buzzed girls work fast!  This version was way better and quite delicious!

Debbie, acai bowl expert, said this bowl was excellent, though next time she will remember to add almond butter to it, which is an option.

Better Buzzed Acai bowl

My avocado toast arrived and was terrific!  I love the beautiful and healthy micro-greens on top.

Better Buzzed avo toast

Three of us ordered dishes with 2-poached eggs done medium.  Only half of us got perfectly cooked eggs, the others were over.  Here is Hubby’s perfect egg cooked to medium.

Better Buzzed perfect egg

We ordered our boys some Ham Brioche sandwiches to-go since they slept in.  Again.  They were stoked and I got like 5 Good Mom points which I needed because I was in the hole for an incident that recently happened at Swami’s.  Nuff said on that one.

Better Buzzed briocheHam Brioche sandwich, bacon added because pig on pig

The only thing to really complain about this place are the stools.  The large wooden tables are nice to eat at, but the metal bars across the stools are at a really awkward height. It’s not something one really notices unless it’s wrong.  The first bar is placed way too high up, so when you rest your heals on it, you are bending your knees at a sharp and uncomfortable angle. Luckily we were there early enough so Debbie could rest her feet on the stool next to her. I chose to stand during our meal.

Better Buzzed stools

Bottom Line:

Better Buzz Coffee Roasters is really great!  We loved the food, the drinks, the staff, and the ambiance.  Dogs and pigeons are comfortable here.  And kids?  Yah, they’ve got them covered too.

Better Buzz kids

Better Buzzed kid sweatshirt

Dining on the 101 won’t be here next week-end but invite you to attend Angelo’s Burgers with us on Sunday, November 26th at 6:00 pm.

Angelo’s Burgers





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3 thoughts on “Better Buzz Coffee Roasters”

  1. I have been there and you have described this place perfectly. Very upbeat and evereybody who works there is friendly and helpful. The coffee and goodies are worth the trip!

    Ira Goldberg


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