Urbn Coal Fired Pizza

Urbn signReview #32

Time.  No one wants to waste it.  We want what we want, and we want it immediately. Take vowels for instance.  Who needs to waste time using them all?  In today’s day of rush, rush, rush, texting with emojis instead of words, vowls r becmming a thng of the pst.  Yu rlly dn’t nd vry mny of thm to undertnd wht the mning is nyway.  So don’t give Urbn a hard time for dropping the “a”.  They are not only efficient, but totally on-trend.

Encinitas holds one of five Urbn San Diego locations.  This location is quaint and set up nicely to hold small or large groups.


As we walked in we watched one of the pizza chefs piping something white and yummy  onto one of the pizzas.

Urbn piping

I asked our waiter what style of pizza Urbn is know for.  His answer was, “Connecticut Style.”  Of course I have heard of Chicago style, New York Style, even styles from different regions of Italy.  But Connecticut style?  Huh?  So I whipped out my smart phone for immediate clarification, and low and behold, here is what I found:  Besides apple cider and PEZ candy, Connecticut is, in fact, known for their New Haven style clam pie.  I was about to order this when a voice whispered in my ear “order the Mashed Potato Pizza”.  I whipped around to see who said it, but they were gone.  Although the clam pizza did sound good, I have never heard of a Mashed Potato Pizza before. I took the stranger’s advice and ordered one.

Jennifer, who has been here before, told me we were sharing the cucumber salad.  Having taken her advice back at East Village on those apple wontons (WANT!), she has totally earned my trust.  The true name of this salad is the “Caprezanella”. It is loaded with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, croutons and basil.  It was superb!

Urbn salad

Others from our group ordered the Urbn salad.  One with chicken and one without.

Urbn saladsUrbn salad with chicken (generous amount!) and Urbn salad straight up

The first pizza for our group arrived.  It was a Margherita pizza, half with basil.  Besides being HUGE, remember, this is a SMALL size, it looked pretty but average.  Pretty average.

Urbn marhagritaMargherita pizza.  B-O-R-I-N-G

Then the Mashed Potato Pizza arrived. Did I forget to mention that it comes with bacon? And not just small pieces of bacon minced to oblivion.  Generous, large chunks of bacon that you can sink your teeth into. I took one bite of this pizza and knew I hit gold.  There is no sauce here and none needed.  The glorious flavor of the rich mashed potatoes comes right through.  Paired with cheese, bacon and a wonderful chewy crust, this pizza is outright divine.  I passed some pieces to the unfortunate ones who ordered the simple margherita pizza and watched their faces explode in delight.

Urbn mashedMashed Potato Pizza.  Yes.  YES.  YES!!!!

Hubby and Debbi shared a Fresh Pesto Chicken pizza that came a bit late.  Although it was very cheesy and very good, I found it didn’t need the extra drizzle of olive oil on top, and was lacking for more pesto.  I am quite sure that if I had tried this pizza before the mashed potato one, I wouldn’t be so picky.  Let’s face it, nothing was going to come close after trying those pieces of potatoey pizza perfection.

Urbn chick pestoFresh Pesto Chicken pizza

Our nice waiter came by to check on us.  I asked how they get the mashed potatoes so perfectly onto the pizza without making it too heavy.  And was that mashed potatoes I saw the man gently piping on the pizza as we walked in?

“Oh no, what you saw was him piping ricotta cheese onto the Polpetta Con Provolone pizza.  For your pizza, he just grabs handfuls of mashed potato and throws it onto the pizza in between the fresh mozzarella.” Sorry I asked.

Now what is this business about coal fired pizza?  There are plenty of wood fired pizza places, is this just a gimmick?  Our waiter graciously gave me a tour of the oven.  And there was the coal!  The real deal.  No wussy wood, but serious, bad-ass coal!  Garcia’s job is to keep feeding the oven coal to keep the internal temperature between 800-900 degrees.  Holy hot oven! But that is the beauty of using coal.  You can get the oven ridiculously hot which produces crisp, tender pizza crusts.  The pizzas take only 2-3 minutes to cook, again, making this place exactly relevant for today’s inpatient consumers.

Urbn GarciaHere is Garcia working the coal

Bottom Line:

Urbn Pizza is another gem on the 101. In a town that already has restaurants called “Urban Pie”, “Urban Plates”and “Urbane Cafe”, one needs to stand out.  So doing a vowel-drop seems logical and practical.

Their unique coal fire oven makes a perfect crust in only minutes.  If you want something better than just good, order the Mashed Potato Pizza.  It’s one of the best pizzas I have ever had.  The acoustics aren’t great, so if it’s a romantic evening you want, not so much here.  Share the pizzas, they are huge, and add some tasty salads, cold beer, and good friends.

Urbn group1Hppy NW YR!  Frm some Die Hrd 101 Dners!   

There won’t be a blog next week, but join us on Sunday, January 21st at

Beachside Bar & Grill at 6:15 pm





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