The Encinitas Fish Shop

Fish sign

Review #36

Today was a weird day.  Our house flooded due to a broken pipe, my dog was blessed by a rabbi, and my 16 year old was suddenly filled with gratitude and appreciation for me, for no reason.  Weird day.   I’m ready for a dinner out tonight!

Warning!  Do not come to the Encinitas Fish Shop if you don’t eat seafood or you don’t like dogs!  (Don’t reverse that) But if you do, whether you’re a beginner or advanced seafood eater, there is something for everyone.  First, you will most likely have a very long line to wait in because this is the place all seafood lovers want to be.  For the beginner seafood eater, waiting in line is the perfect time to get acquainted with your dinner.  They have colorful pictures and descriptions of all your choices framed on the wall.  Handy!

Fish pictures

The more advanced eaters may want to order a daily special, grab some poke or pick from the fillets in the display and go from there.

Fish fishes

Fish fish

Make sure you say hi to Jerry; he’s just chillin’.

Fish Jerry

You pick your fish, your flavor and your style.  Don’t worry, this large sign explains it all.  Plus the cashier will help you if you are still overwhelmed by the time you get to her.

Fish menu

Then you have to find a table.  Good luck with that.  I sent Hubby ahead of our group and had him hunt then hold a table for us.  He almost got mugged for it and was desperately texting me to hurry the-something-up!  The covered outdoor area is large, has lots of TVs with the Olympics on, and they have heat lamps above to keep everyone toasty in the winter.  Dogs are not just welcomed here, they are practically enthroned.  I wanted to get by this puppy to grab an extra chair, but he certainly wasn’t moving.  I went around the long way.

Fish dog

The only problem with the long way, was this cute guy clearly had dominion over this area and let me know it.  Not a problem at The Fish Shop though.  Dogs can bark and holler all they want.  Here, dogs rule.

Fish dog2

The Encinitas Fish Shop has a nice variety of locally brewed beer (we sure are micro brewery blessed in this town), but sometimes you just need a $5 Tecate, right Lynne?

Fish Lynne beer

Being advanced seafood eaters, we started with a large order of ceviche.  You can order it with just fish or just shrimp, but a combo seemed like a no brainer.  I like ceviche.  I even like a bit of spice.  But I find many places who tout they have the best ceviche, have it over-powered with spiciness.  The Encinitas Fish House has their ceviche down!  I don’t use the word “perfect” lightly, but it was perfect!  And yah, they know it!

fish cevichecombo fish & shrimp ceviche- large

Geoff ordered the fish & chips and said they were great.  I noticed a lot of families with kids here tonight, and all the kids were eating fish & chips too.  And notice how Geoff scoffs at the two house-made, elevated sauces that accompany his dish.   Geoff, goes right for the Heinz!  Geoff, you are such a kid!

Fish n chips

John ordered a TKO taco that comes with fresh mango salsa.  It was huge and only $5. I tried to grab the picture before he dug in, but that wasn’t happening.  It was too good!

Fish TKOTKO taco

Mary ordered the Coconut Shrimp, and was very happy.  Not everyone likes coconut with their shrimp (Hubby).  But if you do like coconut with your camaron, order these.

Fish coconut shrimpCoconut Shrimp

The last time I was here I ordered a delicious salad with mahi mahi, and was determined to order differently this time.  But then I saw a salad go by while I was in line, and I couldn’t help myself.  This time I got it with scallops.  The pickled onions and crispy veggies were so good.  These scallops were cooked exquisitely!  Maybe a wee too many capers though.

fish scallop

Hubby ordered his fish with the Fish Shop seasoning and thought it was great, but a little salty for his liking.  Look at that generous piece of fish though!

fish yellowtail

Debbie, who loves it here so much she just ate here LAST NIGHT, ordered her salad with salmon.  There were a wee too many capers on Debbie’s salad too.  Look at our matching caper piles when we were finished!Fish capers

Bottom Line:

I LOVE The Encinitas Fish Shop!  They have really fresh fish and know exactly how to cook it.  The food is superb, the atmosphere casual and hip, and the portions are generous.  If you are trying to eat healthy (yes, trying, it’s so hard!), order your fish grilled.  If you are throwing all caution to the wind, by golly, then fry them S.O.B.s!  (They have a crab cake sandwich that I can’t stop thinking about….)  Our servers were friendly, helpful and even with the long line, our food came out fast.  I can’t wait to bring my visiting land-locked friends to this Encinitas gem!  Just go somewhere else if you don’t like dogs or are allergic to kids.

**Tip- Bypass the long line and grab a seat at the bar.  You can order your food here too!

Next blog will be on Sunday, February 25th at 5:30 pm

The Encinitas Ale House

located on Hwy 101 at “J” St.







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  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog for the first time.
    Thanks for doing this. We will try a few of the places we haven’t been and will avid a couple thanks to your blog.


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