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I remember the old Roxy quite well.  It was one of three places Hubby and I used to dine at on the 101 before starting this blog.  I remember a shoddy looking restaurant with great quality, healthy food.  It was a Black Bean Enchiladas on Whole Wheat Tortillas kind of place.  The old Roxy is gone.  The new Roxy is much classier.  It has a been restored to have a 1920’s vibe.  Our waiter wore suspenders. That kind of place.

After 38 years of business, why would Roxy change a thing?  With skyrocketing rent, Roxy was able to keep their “regulars” but they weren’t getting the additional new customers they needed to pay the bills.  They felt a big change would wake up the community and bring in more people.  I know exactly what they mean.  When my friend “Carly” got divorced, she decided to put in some big bucks into her own renovation.   She too looks nothing like she did before which helped her land some new clientele as well.  It works.

Yup, they’ve gone old school here, bringing the sense of what a 1920’s speakeasy would be like.



I was impressed that they went through such lengths as to hire a band who actually played in that same year.

Chuck Crossen

I was hoping for something a bit Jazzy or Bluesy but Chuck belted out Sinatra like the best of ’em.  Salt of the earth guy that Chuck is.

Although Roxy touts, “Our menu is designed to create a sense of community between friends, family and neighbors.” I found it to be just a very basic menu with regular appetizers and entrees.  I’m not sure how that is designed to create community except that eating together does that just about anywhere you go.  If you are having a picnic of leftovers together in an alley, you are still enjoying a sense of togetherness, are you not? I’m not seeing how this menu is special that way.  In fact, the menu is very limited with none of the old healthy items I remember and loved.

I’m a sucker for Brussels Sprouts so Violet and I ordered some for the table.  These were decedent with salty little treasures of bacon lardon throughout.  Although tasty, the sprouts were very heavy with oil and one or two pieces was enough.  But who stops at only one or two pieces?  After five or six my mouth had a nice coating of oil that wasn’t going anywhere.


Mom and I both ordered The Roxy Burger with a side salad.  No dressing needed for that salad, I brought my own still stuck to my mouth.


The salad was nothing special at all.  I would have liked to see some different organic greens or sprouts mixed in for a little excitement.  But that burger was outrageously good.  It was super juicy, flavorful and so big, mom could only eat half.  I only ate half too.  But then I ate the other half.  Hey, I went on a huge hike that morning and was starving!  Plus did you see how I ordered salad instead of fries?  So stop judging me!

Violet ordered the Tandori Spiced Chicken Skewers appetizer for her main meal.  She said it was ironic that they use the word “spiced” in the title because she found it pretty bland.  And measley in size if you ask me, even for an appetizer.


Hubby ordered The Roxy Chef Salad with Chicken.  Ok, so they did add some sprouts to liven it up, but you know what?  Still not exciting.  Pretty boring in fact.  It tasted “fine” he said.  Shouldn’t “fine” be a kiss of death when talking about one’s food?  I love to cook and I know I would take offense.



Bottom Line:

The new Roxy Encinitas was a bit of a let down.  Although they did a great job aesthetically speaking, I was hoping for more from the kitchen.  Our service was great.  I love that they have live music every night of the week.  I just wish their website gave a blurb about what kind of music it is.  We wouldn’t have chosen Sinatra night.

SUPER annoying that there are no prices on their website!  I want to have an idea of what I am in for both gastronomically and financially before I go out to eat.  Having said that, I thought the prices may have been a tad steep, but we weren’t gouged for what we ordered.

Most of our food was “fine” with the exception of The Roxy Burger which was fantastic.  All in all, we weren’t impressed.  Maybe the charm is to come here for drinks and live music, with the food taking a back seat to that.  It’s not our favorite place, but they’ve got some good bones here.  Keep improving and we may be back Roxy!

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We will be back on the 101 on Sunday, March 10th at 6pm at:

Maurizio’s Trattoria Italiana


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