Cancun Mexican & Seafood


Review #79

Cancun Mexican & Seafood is literally a hole in the wall.  And the wall is adjacent to a gas station, which is next to a 7-11.  None of this fine 101 dining with ocean views here.  Let’s be honest.  We were scared.


The old, faded, cheesy pictures of their food on the front window did little to ease our concerns.


Walking in we thought the establishment was very clean and there quite a few people eating here which was a good sign.  You can order in one line if you have a credit card or you can order in the other line with cash.  Both go to the same cash register, so make sure you get in the right line.  Exactly.


Any restaurant boasting “seafood” in there name requires me to order some.  I chose the Seasoned Grilled Sea Bass which sounds very fancy for a fast-food Mexican hole-in-the wall next to the gas station.


Their salsa bar is impressive with delicious additions such as grilled onions and marinated carrots.  It’s also the best labeled salsa bar in town.  Most places have you guessing by color which sauce will burn your face off.  Thank you Cancun!  The only downside is that there’s a sign on the glass stating patrons are limited to three small cups from the salsa bar.  But I didn’t see that sign.  What sign?  No picture of it, I must be wrong.  I may have taken 5-6.  Oops.


In addition to the regular soda dispenser, they have one full of sweet Mexican drinks.


Our food came out quickly.  Jen ordered the chicken soup which came with so many condiments, it was a really large meal.  The other soups looked just as good.


Joyce got the enchiladas and said they were delicious.  She said she would rather come here to eat over Casa De Bandini any day of the week.  Except they have the margaritas at CDB.


Hubby (still too nervous about eating at a gas station) played it safe and only ordered one chicken taco.  He was impressed.


The grilled fish tacos were as good as anywhere, and hats off to the double tortilla vessel.  Well done.


Kelly was in love with his Machaca burrito but I found the side salad hilarious.  Not sure he could finish all that salad!


Kelly was impressed with the large number of peppers inside his burrito and wants to show you.


My sea bass was delicious!  A little heavy on the onions, but it didn’t bother me.  The fish was well seasoned with crispy bits on the ends and flakey meat in the middle.  It came with rice, beans and a Miami Dolphin container of tortillas.  I would order this again next time.

(No, of course I don’t know that blue and orange are Miami Dolphin colors.  I bring sporty friends who know these things.)


Everything was going great until this giant beast of a vehicle started backing up into the spot right by Kelly.  Eat near the window at your own risk!


Bottom Line:

Cancun Mexican & Seafood was a nice surprise.   For a cheap(ish) Mexican fast food joint, this place rocks!  You can grab a burrito here, get some gum, magazines and condoms at 7-11 all while filling up your car at Berri Brothers.  Now that’s convenient!

Why fly all the way to Cancun when you can get a piece of it right here in Leucadia?

Hubby & Joyce in (at) Cancun.  Should I be worried?

Good to know:  Rumor has it that Berri Brothers matches Costco’s gas prices and has the cheapest gas in town!


Join us this Saturday, April 20th at 9:00am at

Leucadia Donut Shoppe

Yes, I do know it I will be eating chametz during Passover, but I had a talk with God and he said as long as it’s for a good cause like the blog, I’m ok.  Phew!

chametz: leavened foods such as DONUTS forbidden to eat during Passover.  Oops.

Author: foodkibbitzer

I love to cook, especially soup, and bake challah. I ride horses, enjoy sarcastic people and am a food snob. I'm busy being mom to my two boys and I play mahj jong.

3 thoughts on “Cancun Mexican & Seafood”

  1. You. Are. Hilarious!!!!!!! Love reading this every week. Loved following your New Zealand adventures too. Today I was missing your green soup! Probably won’t start that up again until next Fall ,huh?? Good to know a talk with the Passover god gets me off the hook too. Vegetarian matzoh ball soup happening for me this Friday night. Oy Vey! I just realized it will be Shabbat too.

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  2. So you’ve discovered Cancun. Here are some more things I bet you never thought you’d eat at a gas station restaurant: Fried Shrimp! One of the best places for huge butterflied fried shrimp ever. How about a grande Shrimp cocktail with lots of avocado and cucumber? Not your standard fair but go great with cheap gas!


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