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I feel bad writing this blog for two reasons.  First, because I am not the most qualified.  I am not a donut person.  I can tell you exactly the last time I ate a donut.  It was July 19th, 2018 when we blogged VG donuts.  And before that was between the years of 1987-1991.  I rode horses competitively for the UCD Equestrian Team in college and we had a rule that whenever someone fell off, they had to bring the barn back goodies.  I remember bringing donuts.  Often actually.  But that was many years ago…

Now my family lives a more health conscious lifestyle where donuts don’t fit in.  Not that we don’t partake in plenty of alternative not-so-healthy choices, because we do.  But we would rather have something other than a donut.  Like ice cream.  Brownies are nice.  Fresh baked cookies don’t get thrown away.  Have you tried the desserts at Q’ero, East Village, Plum and Chiko that I recommended yet?  Worth it.  Donuts?  Nah.

And second, because it’s Passover and all good Jews are not eating leavened bread for one week.  But I pride myself in being more of a hypocritical Jew, following the laws and guidelines as they fit conveniently into my lifestyle, and ignoring or altering the ones that don’t.  So for us, it’s donuts for breakfast and matzo for our seder dinner.  Because we are hypocrites, not barbarians.

But we are good blog-writing, restaurant-trying sports here, so we took one for the team and went for donuts.  Not that it was hard.  Donuts are delicious and when having one because you have to, it takes all the guilt away.

We arrived Sunday morning at 9am and expected a line, but it was pretty dead.


I was excited to look through the glass at all my choices, but those were pretty dead too.  9:00 on a Sunday morning is too late for donuts here.  We missed the crowds but they cleaned everything out.  I asked if more donuts were coming but was told this was all there is.


We managed to scrape up three that looked good.  The last buttermilk donut for me, my favorite.  A lemon cream for Bottomless Pit and a chocolate cake donut for Hubby who actually doesn’t eat donuts because he doesn’t like them, all fat, sugar and calories aside.


There is not a chance in hell I was eating donuts without coffee, so I brought my own organic cashew milk to go with it because I wanted it to be perfect.  (NOT because I’m a coffee and food snob as Hubby says).  It’s a do-it-yourself coffee station which I really like so I can leave the exact right amount of room in my cup for my cashew milk that I want.

BP loved his lemon cream and was very happy.  IMG_3452

Hubby’s chocolate cake donut was on the dry side, but it tasted great.  And with coffee, a little dry is fine with me, like a scone.  Yum.  Now scones I love.  But BP fixed the dryness of the chocolate cake his way.  Dip it into the lemon cream.  That kid is genius.


My buttermilk donut was as delicious as I remembered a buttermilk donut to be.  But after half, it was more sugar than I could muster.  Thank goodness BP wasn’t full after eating his lemon cream and most of the chocolate cake so we didn’t have to waste the rest of that delicious buttermilk.

As we were leaving we saw all of the shelves being restocked with fresh donuts.  Hey!



Bottom Line:

For not being a donut person, I must admit that our donuts were oh so good.  You know what my buttermilk donut reminded me of?  EVERY OTHER BUTTERMILK DONUT I HAVE EVER HAD.   That’s right, I’ve said it.  I can’t tell the difference from one to another.  They’re all good.  Obviously I don’t mean store bought ones.  But every donut shop donut I have had is basically the same.  I know everyone reading this is going to want to know which place is better:  Leucadia or VG’s.  And I’m sure everyone will have a strong opinion.  Everyone but me. Because to this donut non-connoisseur, a donut is a donut is a donut.  Good with coffee.   But second to a scone.  Or muffin.  Or bagel.  Or a crepe.  Or…you get it.

This is a cash only donut shoppe, so bring your own dough!

Join us Sunday, April 28th at 5pm (any later and it will be too crowded) at

Fish 101


Author: foodkibbitzer

I love to cook, especially soup, and bake challah. I ride horses, enjoy sarcastic people and am a food snob. I'm busy being mom to my two boys and I play mahj jong.

One thought on “Leucadia Donut Shoppe”

  1. another great review! Do you remember the donut shop in Newport Beach right off the pier? Now those were great donuts and always had a line out of the place to the sidewalks. If these donats taste anything like the Newport Beach ones, I am in!



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