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Review #82

I don’t understand why people kept telling me how lucky I was to have my birthday on Mother’s Day yesterday.  Are people insane?  I only get two measly days a year.  Having my birthday fall on Mother’s Day this year doesn’t make the day “double special” it cuts my “special” days down by half!  Well, I’m not having it.  No sir, not for 50!  I declare a do-over.  I’m taking a day in June to celebrate 50, so please save all your birthday wishes for me then.  Birthday on Mother’s Day is total crap.  Not doin’ it!

With that said, I had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday with my mom, family and close friends.  Organic Tacos for Mother’s Day dinner sounded like the perfect dinner for me.  I have friends who wanted their husbands and kids to make them dinner with actual cooking involved.  Like I said, going out for Haggo’s Organic Tacos was exactly the right thing to do for me!

I’m an Organic Girl.  I buy all organic foods and almost all organic products for my home.   I’m anti-GMO’s, Monsonto, and all that’s evil and wrong in our food industry.  Hubby and kids call it obsessive.  I call it diligent.  And they are welcome even if they think I’m nuts.  I LOVE supporting restaurants who share my same philosophy.  I already loved Haggo’s by name alone.  And the fact that a very obscure Smiths song was playing when we got there cemented my love.

Our group of 10 took over this small open-aired taco joint.  And by doing so, they were instantly over their heads.  Only one young woman was working the whole front.  Taking orders, clearing dishes and wiping tables.  It was way too much for one person, but she flew around the place showering us with apologies and thank-yous for our patience.  One could hardly get upset.


Haggo’s menu is fantastic with grass-fed steak, free-range chicken, whole wheat tortillas and a menu that is almost entirely organic. MY KIND OF PLACE! Cage The Elephant was playing, keeping things awesome.

This is a DDD place for you Food Network junkies, and Guy Fieri’s mug is on the wall to prove it.  You can watch the episode here.  Pretty cool to have Guy come to our little town of Leucadia!


We all placed our orders, looking forward to the nachos and chips with guac to start because we were all really hungry.  This was only BP’s first dinner and he could barely contain himself.  Back of the house must have been as busy as front of the house, because nothing came out for quite a while, and when it did, it all came out together, appetizers and all.

Gavin is here having a whale of a time waiting patiently for his food

The nachos were only ok, not at all worthy of the extra $4 we spent to add chicken. I would call this a side salad with the essence of chicken on top of chips more than “nachos”.


The chips and guac were about the same caliber.  Guac was yummy but all and all, nothing too special here.


Tracy ordered “House Pickles” from the menu.


Instead of regular “pickles” she got pickled carrots.  Now she was in a pickle!  Should she return them or go with it?  They did taste good, but these are usually free at the salsa bar which they also don’t have here.  But since they are organic carrots, no points lost.  She kept them but most were left over.


Hubby ordered one Organic Immortal Taco and one Grilled Fish Taco.


He said the Immortal Taco was forgettable (so actually mortal) but they nailed the fish taco.  Winner!  Serving everything with healthy organic red beans and brown rice is a nice touch.  (Needs more salsas!)


As our background music started going from obscure Smiths, Cage The Elephant and a fantastic lost Jimmy Cliff song to mainstream Stones, Police and Weezer, our food started to lose it’s coolness as well.

Bottomless Pit enjoyed his Loaded Quesadilla but inhaled it and then quickly asked what else there was to eat back at home for his “real” or “second” dinner.

Loaded Quesadilla

It was suggested to me by our hostess/cashier/bus woman/server to try The Ron Burgundy burrito: grass-fed steak with cabbage slaw and caramelized onion.  They have his picture on the wall too, but no evidence that he’s actually been here.


The burrito was good with lots of juicy caramelized onions.  But the steak got lost and I didn’t really taste it.  Which is too bad because I don’t eat a lot of red meat, so when I do, I really want to enjoy it.  I would have liked a few more salsa options to spice this baby up.  There was nothing wrong with it other than it tasting a little dull.


Turning 50 isn’t too bad I guess.  It’s better than the alternative.  I’ve switched out my coffee for green tea and racquetball for Pickleball.   I used to run marathons and now I power walk.  On the treadmill.   And my bedtime went from 11pm to 9:30pm.  Ok, 9pm.  Switching greasy Mexican food from a CTS, to a place like Haggo’s is probably a good next step.  It’s just that there is a limited number of burritos left in the world that I will get to eat.  An actual number.  And I want every single one to be more delicious than the last.

Bottom Line:

I left Haggo’s Organic Taco feeling healthy and satisfied but also slightly disappointed.  I wanted to LOVE all the food here.  It has all of the organic and healthy ingredients I crave.  It’s like getting the treat of going out for dinner, but staying within the clean eating I like to do at home.  But for me, the flavors just fell a bit short.  I was impressed with the pricing, expecting way steeper for organic food.  The price point on most items here was very fair and not inflated which is a breath of fresh air.

I love what Haggo’s Organic Taco is bringing to the area, I really do.  But when Guy Fieri says he’s in “Flavor Town” I want more flavor!  To have an all organic restaurant in Leucadia is awesome and I will be back for those fish tacos!

Join us next Saturday, May 18th, 6pm at

Umi Restaurant


Author: foodkibbitzer

I love to cook, especially soup, and bake challah. I ride horses, enjoy sarcastic people and am a food snob. I'm busy being mom to my two boys and I play mahj jong.

3 thoughts on “Haggo’s Organic Taco”

  1. Haggis was sold a year or two ago so different owner and I imagine chef since Guy F was there. Love your posts


  2. My birthday is on May 12th too. I’ve been cheated out of a day for the last 50 years.
    Haggos is on my corner. I go there occasionally but I prefer the fish tacos at Fish 101. I agree with your critique!


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