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We set breakfast at a reasonable hour this week, hoping that moore people would show up to join us.  In the past, our 7am breakfast blogs haven’t been well received.   8:30 is practically lunch time for me.  But NOT ONE person could haul their lazy carcass out of bed to join us, including our own spawn.  So it was a romantic breakfast for two this week, just me and my Hubby.

A Little Moore Cafe is a small, local, sidewalk spot to eat breakfast or lunch.  It has an old-fashion diner feel with nifty barstools perched at the formica countertop.

A Little Moore counter

Similar to The Pannikin and Naked Cafe, A Little Moore decorates their walls with creations from local artists, everything being for sale if you see a piece you like.

A Little More art

They have all your basic breakfast items listed as “specials” on the board, though Korean Ribs over rice is the only one that sounds worthy of the title.

A Little Moore Board

They proudly display a write up done on themselves, but it must have been a long time ago.

A Little Moore write up

The review mentions “The Billy” special, still on the board today.  Only it states how it was $7.95.  Now?  $11.75!  Even though the other six menu items on the board end in $.95, why does The Billy end in $.75?  I guess it’s in case other people like me notice the article, they might think a $4 price increase on The Billy is pretty steep.  But $3.80… eh, not so bad.

A Little Moore Billy

Although touted in some on-line reviews as “inexpensive”, I disagree.  For this kind of old-school dive, I thought some of the menu items were a little pricy.


Our perky waitress, Young, came out to take our order.  Even though it was late for me, I still hadn’t eaten anything yet and all that bubbliness was a bit much pre-coffee.  Luckily she brought some out pronto and I was much more appreciative of her jolly personality.  She bounced from table to table filling mugs, giggling and making small talk with all of the patrons.  She was quite lovable.

A Little Moore staff
Young and the awesome team at Little Moore

I consider myself a pretty healthy eater.  I start out each morning with a low carb, nutritious meal before my workout.  It’s later in the day that things start to slowly fall apart.  But each morning is a fresh day, and today was no different.  I scoffed at the delicious sounding pancakes with that glob of diner-butter on top melting down the sides smothered in maple syrup.  Nope.  I’m going healthy!  I ordered a DIY omelet with feta, broccoli and spinach cooked in “not too much butter or oil please”.  Side of bacon?  Maybe hash-browns?  Nope, just fruit and dry sourdough (which they remedied after I shot this).

A Little Moore Veggie Omelet

Well it sure looked good from the outside, not a speckle of grease to be seen on my eggs.  But what’s going on inside?

A Little Moore omelet

Holy Green Goddess!  There was definitely a little moore in there than I expected.  I figure with all that spinach and broccoli packed in there, I get to eat ice cream for the rest of the day.  It’s 9am.  What time does Handel’s open?  If anyone judges me for eating ice cream so early, I can just whip out this picture and show them the exorbitant amount of greens I’ve already had today.  See how my brain works?  I need help.

Hubby’s Breakfast Burrito with a side of fruit was pretty good.  The side of organic fruit was the star of both our plates.  I know avocados are really expensive right now, and many places have to up their prices to include them.  But if I am going to pay extra for the avocado, it better be there.  It seems at many restaurants I have been to lately, it isn’t always the case.  And I have complained about this more than once.  But A Little Moore did not disappoint!  Generous avocado on that burrito- well done!

A Little Moore burrito

The food was good, but not memorable.  And in a land of spectacular breakfast spots (Potato Shack, The 101 Diner, Honey’s Bistro, La Papagayo…) “good” is not what excites me.

I ran into my Pickleball pal Marleen, who was meeting her sister for breakfast.  I asked her why she chose A Little Moore over all of the other places in town.

“Are you kidding me?  I’ve been coming here for 30 years!  I order the Avocado and Cheese Omelet every single time.  This place is home and I would never go anywhere else!”

So I looked around again, and I mean really looked.  And what I saw was families with little kids.  People sitting at different tables, but who knew each other.  The servers calling their customers by their names.  The people here are locals.  They are loyal.  They are the Marleens who have been eating here forever and love it.  It goes well beyond having the best food in town.  Because when you’re in love, less attractive people appear beautiful. You find all the good things in them, and ignore the less than perfect ones.  Even mediocre food can taste like heaven.

Bottom Line:

Location: A+

Service: A+

Following special instructions: A+

Coffee: A+

Prices: B

Quality: B

Deliciousness: B

Uniqueness of menu: C

It’s a charming diner with an old school feel.  You get standard bacon & egg type food here.  There was nothing wrong with it.  I just wish I loved it A Little Moore than I did.


Please join us for another breakfast blog this Sunday, August 18th at 8:30am (GET UP YOU LAZY …..) at

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4pm at

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