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Not too many people I know are as obsessed with organic ingredients as I am.  By “not too many” I mean zero.  No one I know is obsessed like me.  I think I would rather my oldest tell me he’s failing out of college before he tells me that he’s eating non-organic strawberries in the cafeteria.  I cringe just thinking about that.  I sent him to Colorado with a semester’s supply of organic snacks and the “Dirty Dozen” printed and glued to his dorm closet since I won’t be there guiding him around these landmines anymore.  Sniffle sniffle.

My food is organic.  My cleaning supplies, nail polish remover, even my sheets and mattress all proudly bear the “USDA Organic” badge of honor.  I call it smart, proactive living.  Hubby calls it totally nutso, money wasting insanity.  Tomatoes, tomotos.  To find an eating establishment that cares as much as I do about organic foods down to the condiments, is my kinda place.  Hubby rolls his eyes but goes with the flow.


Nectarine Grove is a small order-at-the-counter kinda place.  Our group of 25 completely took it over.  Who knew so many people would want to come blogging with us?  I was concerned that they would have trouble getting all these orders out, but they nailed it.  Our food came flying out of the kitchen in no time at all.  I was busy running around the place trying to grab pictures before everyone dug into their food. It was coming out fast and my people were hungry.

“Photos first!”  I yelled to everyone, one hand on my camera, the other smacking their forks away.  Come on guys, you know the rule!

Hubby ordered the Veggie Pesto Scramble with house-made oat and seed bread.  He was in heaven and insisted I stop what I was doing to try it.  THAT PESTO.  That pesto is so good, goat cheese would even taste great with it!  (I know many people like goat cheese, but it literally repulses me.  I can’t stand even one tiny curd of that god-awful flavor.)  Dare I say this pesto is even better than La Papagayo’s?  Yes, I do dare.  It is better!

VEGGIE PESTO SCRAMBLE with insanely good pesto

I ordered the Fajita Bowl over Butternut Noodles with chicken.  Sweet potatoes, black beans, chipotle cashew sauce, it was a party of flavors in my mouth and I was dancing the Merengue!  I don’t like to exaggerate (yes I do, all the time) but I was ecstatic over this bowl.


The only other thing I personally tasted was Gavin’s pizza so I could see what this Paleo crust was all about.  Oh mamma, sooo good!  It’s very unique, a little dense and slightly sweet.  It’s the Hubby of pizza crusts!  Absolutely delicious and one I would order again and again for the rest of my life.  ♥♥♥♥♥


Jule’s and Shosh’s poke bowls were as delicious as they were beautiful.




The only bummer of the night was Qwenn’s sad Acai Bowl.  It was as watery as the tears running down her face at the disappointment of it all.  I urged her to let them know she was unhappy but when she told her server, his response was,

“I know, this batch really didn’t come out good.  The problem is that the acai isn’t right.  I tried adding more and more ice to fix it.” And then he walked away.

That is NOT the correct way to handle the problem, and I wasn’t going to let that be the last word.

“Excuse me” I called him back over.  “I’m sure if she’s not happy with this sub-par acai bowl, she can return it, right?”  He looked stumped.

“Errr, I….don’t know.” he stammered.

“Of course you can return it.” I assured her.  Which she did.

Nectarine Grove, please train your staff on customer service a little better here.  If the acai mix wasn’t perfect, it should have never been served in the first place.  Don’t try to water down your mistakes, we have an acai expert here that will notice, and she did!


Bottom Line:

Walking into Nectarine Grove felt like coming home.  This is my she-shed.  These are my people.  (Well, I literally brought my people, but I know those patronizing here are my people too).  The menu is filled with organic, locally sourced, gluten-free, no refined sugar items.  Breakfast is served all day.  The food here tastes absolutely divine.  Prices are extremely fair for organic food, trust me, I know, and the portions are generous.  This is how I cook at home.  (Ok, not as tasty) This is how I try to live my life.  You will walk out of here feeling not only satisfied, but healthier than when you walked in.  I heard the plantain crusted Chicken Sammie is phenomenal.  I will find out later this week.

The 2019 Dirty Dozen Foods List

  1. Strawberries
  2. Spinach
  3. Kale
  4. Nectarines
  5. Apples
  6. Grapes
  7. Peaches
  8. Cherries
  9. Pears
  10. Tomatoes
  11. Celery
  12. Potatoes

    Join us this Sunday, September 8th at 5pm at



Let us know if you’re coming, we need to book a rez here

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