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Choice Organic Café & Juicery is a small spot located upstairs in the Moonlight Beach Lofts shopping area.  Next to Lofty Coffee and just up some stairs from Handel’s Ice Cream.  Before coming here you need to take this survey:

1.)Are you a health nut?

2.)Are you an environmentalist?

3.)Are you Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free or GMO-free?

4.)Will you pay high prices to eat organically?

If you answered “No” to all four of these questions, then run, don’t walk, run straight over to Handel’s Ice Cream.  Choice juices and smoothies are not for you.  Pass “Go”, save your $, and go straight to dessert! Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then come with me.  I will take you on a review of my experience to a safe haven, free of toxins and genetically modified foods, to a place of healthy desires!

Choice Encinitas just opened their doors October 5th but have four other SD locations. You understand how pure this place is as soon as you walk in.


There are all kinds of juices, elixirs and smoothies to choose from, with the menus painted right on the wall.


I was interested in trying something uber healthy and green but didn’t know where to start.  Desiree behind the counter was here to help and suggested that I sample all the ones I was interested in.  A pretty nice offer before dropping $11 on juice, so I took her up on it.

I found the “Citrulicious” to be too fruit-forward.  Much too sweet for me. The “Madly Greens” was better with lots of lemon, but still too sweet for me.   I am used to taking wheat grass shots which taste like real grass.  You know, actual lawn.  They taste truly terrible and for the first 20 years of drinking them, I needed an orange slice chaser just to get the bastard to go down and stay down.  But after 20 years of drinking these small shots of turf, I got used to it, and dare I say, I even now like the horrible, raw taste of fields.  The “Choice Greens” was my favorite.  Just ever so slightly sweet, with the familiarity of raw, green meadow that I have comfortable grown fond of.

Their drinks are, of course, served in eco-freindly packaging.


Most of the food at Choice is pre-packaged and ready-to-go in the grab-and-go refrigerator.  Inside the packaging, they all kind of looked the same, so we just grabbed a variety and went to ring it all up.


You can read the menu to really know what you are getting.


At the counter I noticed these little glass jars of almond butters.  Desiree asked if I would like to sample them.  I happily obliged and tried the Pumpkin Spice.  Ohhh man was it good.  Amazing actually.  I couldn’t believe how tasty this almond butter was!  She asked if I wanted to try the Cake Batter but I declined.  Nothing could be as good as the Pumpkin Spice.  No way.


Desiree asked if we would like our salads tossed since we were eating them here.  What a nice touch.  Yes Desiree, please toss away!

Service with a smile!

We took our food and ate outside on this crisp, sunny fall day.

Mary showed me her jar of Cake Batter Cashew Almond Butter.  “You didn’t taste it?!” She yelled at me, then forced me back inside to sample it.  I came back out owning a jar of this too.  So freaking good!

Hubby had grabbed a little pumpkin bread starter.  (I won’t say a “GF” pumpkin bread since everything here is “GF”).  What it lacked in size, it made up for in deliciousness.  It was so darn tasty, we just needed more!


BP loved his “Macho Nachos Salad” with walnut “meat” so much, it was mostly inhaled before I could snap a photo.  One has to be fast when dining with Bottomless Pit.

My “Mediterranean Power Bowl” was absolutely delicious with lemon, spinach and a ton of quinoa.  I was very impressed since the last two salads I have ordered from restaurants listing a “Quinoa Salad” had so little quinoa in it, I had to go back and ask if it was forgotten.  Both times I was told, “Oh it’s in there, see?” and was shown what I thought was a few sesame seeds that were mistakenly dropped onto the salad from a different dish.  I won’t name the places that served them to me, but they were Eureka! in Carlsbad and Notorious Sliders & Salads at the Windmill Foodhall in Carlsbad.  Thank you Choice for your generous amount of quinoa!


Hubby’s avocado toast was divine.  Not only was there a ridiculous amount of perfectly ripe avocado on it,  it was topped with a deliciously flavorful shaved “Parmesan” only really Brazil nuts.  But the bread.  Ohhhh this bread!  Never had I, or any of us, had a GF bread as decadent and wonderful as this.   It is made with chickpea and oat flours, chia seeds, and other delectable, healthy ingredients.  They sell this house-made loaf for $12.  Whether you are GF or not, you need this bread in your life.


Cami’s “Spicy ‘Suntuna’ Salad” was very flavorful and quite spicy indeed.  Soooo good on this bread!


I noticed Mary had a teeny-tiny glass bottle of “Brain Booster”.  I asked her why she didn’t just buy a regular juice.  “Oh, I’m not buying it for the juice.  I’m buying it for the jar.” Mary is a pre-school teacher who’s teeny-tiny students like to pick her teeny-tiny flowers.


And later….

Mary’s teeny-tiny flower from her teeny-tiny students in her teeny-tiny jar

There’s only one thing left to do after feeling so good from eating such an exceptionally healthy meal.  Get some exercise?  Nah.  Take a nap?  Nah.  Do some meditating at the Self Realization Center?  Nope.  You know exactly what it is.



Bottom Line:

We are praying for you Choice Cafe and Juicery!  This location has been the kiss of death for shops such as The Sandwich Spot (loved it!) , Melt 101 (never got there) and The Lion’s Pack (never tried it, but think maybe it closed on name alone).  They actually sold raw, vegan cookie dough. “Kid’s, would you rather have some raw, vegan cookie dough or go next door to Handel’s that offers gigantic scoops of homemade ice cream, with over 50 flavors to choose from which you can sample first to your heart’s content?”  Closed did ya’ Lion’s Pack?  Shocker.

If you’ve passed the quiz at the beginning of this blog post, then I’m sure you will love Choice Café & Juicery as much as we did.  No, it’s not for everyone.  It’s for the psychotic health nut.  And for us, this place rocks!  The grab-and-go food is perfect for a picnic at the beach.  Anyone not used to eating organically will definitely balk at the prices.  But for those of us already desensitized to it, these prices are about right.  You know what they say, “Pay for good health now, or really pay for it later.”  And for anyone who’s just human, if you need a little balance after eating so cleanly, Handel’s is right down the stairs.


Join us this Sunday, November 3rd at 6:30pm at

Modern Times


Gelato 101










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  1. Another brilliant review! The ending was truly a LOL moment for me! I need to get a Friday night life! We ate at the vegan dough place once…cost a fortune. let’s hope that Choice survives!


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