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Pipes sign

I dragged Hubby’s carcass out of bed early Sunday morning so we could walk to Pipes before the crowds and the heat. What I mean to say is, I dragged him out of our own bed in our very own home!  After 5+ months and 12 Airbnb moves, we are home-sweet-home Baby! No more suitcases or check-out times that don’t coincide with the check-in times of the next place, with two kids and two dogs in tow.  No more dull knives or cooking meals on scratched Teflon pans. And please, please, no more skunks!  We are in our own casa and are happy to be able to walk to our local cafe.  Well, at least I was happy and Hubby was cooperative.

We got to Pipes early and secured a large table.  Then we waited to see who would show up this early on a Sunday morn.  Not many did, as most of our friends are not the pictures of morning sunshine that I, myself, happen to be.  (Of course I turn into a pumpkin by 8:00pm.  I pumpkinate early.) We had one family join us, so breakfast with friends it was!

The line at Pipes was already long, so we divided and conquered.  Hubby waited in line to order the main grub whilst I sidled up to the espresso bar to get my coffee and a muffin for the table.  (Remember, pre-meal muffin sharing never has calories.)

Pipes bar

“One chocolate muffin please.”

“That’s actually not chocolate, it’s carrot raisin. It’s really good.”

I’m glad she warned me before I took a bite and was sorely disappointed.  Sure looked like chocolate to me.  I went for a lemon poppy seed.  It was heavenly, the right choice for sure.  Crispy edges with cake-like middle.  These are baked fresh every morning, served right out of the tin. These are first rate muffins.

Pipes muffins

Hubby and Greg got through the line quickly.  The main menu looks like this:

Pipes menu

Greg ordered the pancakes and scrambled eggs.  BIG pancakes.  BIG eggs.

Pipes pancakes

The french toast with eggs and bacon was everything it should be.  And BIG.

Pipes french toast

I ordered the breakfast tacos because I never had breakfast tacos before.  They were very good and the salsa was excellent.

Pipes tacos

And then there was The Big Breakfast, minus bacon…

Pipes Big

…with the side of potatoes that don’t fit on the plate.

Pipes potatoes

The food is all good.  The portions are large.  The staff is friendly.  But don’t play “count the carbs” game here.  Is it the best breakfast I have ever had?  No.  But it’s a solid B+ choice with no surprises and it won’t disappoint.  Just ask any local.

Bottom Line:

Here are the top 5 reasons to come to Pipes:

5.) You want a filling breakfast without any funny stuff.

4.) You’re starving yet on a budget.

3.) You want to show your out of town friends a true local breakfast spot.

2.) You rolled out of bed late and need a place that serves breakfast until 3:00pm.

And the number one reason to go to Pipes…..

1.) You are HUNG OVER.  There is NO better hang over food than Pipe’s large plates of eggs, pancakes, cheesy potatoes and breakfast burritos.  We noticed plenty of these folk doing their walk of shame right over to Pipes.  Perfect.



Pipes front

Next week’s blog will be on Sunday, August 12th at 5:00pm

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